Window cleaning

Professional water fed pole window cleaning services using the superior cleaning power of zero parts per billion ultra pure water (also known as 18 MΩ or 18 Meg water)

Hot water

Sometimes, the dirt and grime are just too much for cold water, so we have a hot water system on-board to give a helping hand. We use this on almost every clean and have included it in our standard clean at no extra cost.

First clean and Deep clean

Over time windows need a little more TLC, especially those PVC frames. This is when a more intense clean fits the bill. Again we use our Hot water cleaning provision on all of these cleans.

Conservatory cleaning

Windows, Frames and Roofs are treated to the wonderful PennineShine sparkle. Again hot water could be needed and if it’s a real muck-tub we will use some Eco-friendly agitating foam to loosen up the dirt.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are made of glass, high up there on the roof they tend to get the brunt of the weather, with all the dirt and grime that our wonderful Pennines throws at them. It is fairly obvious that the cleaner the glass the more effective these panels are going to be but it isn’t obvious that a dirty panel is likely to produce over 25% less energy than a clean one.

The manufacturers of solar panels stipulate very clearly that you should not use ANY detergents to clean the panels, so our pure-water cleaning system is absolutely perfect for getting the job done.

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