A sparkling new venture


There have been numerous adventures which I’ve experienced over the years but very few of them have filled me with such vigour than the latest one. PennineShine has spawned out of far too many elements and for me to list and describe them here I’d actually need to write a book but one of the primary reasons for doing this is my love of just being outside. Rain or shine.


There is, of course, (sorry corporate speak coming up) the work-life balance. Now some may have read some of my previous blogs on my old corporate blog page where, one of which, I dispelled this as being a myth and that it was more of a “work-life blend” than a balance. The short version is that there can never be a balance between work and life, because neither can actually be equal, therefore there is no balance. There can, however, be a blend and it is this wonderful blend between work and life that the new venture offers me and my wonderful family.

Making the jump

The leap of faith has been quite a monumental one too, I know that there many people out there who have grabbed a set of ladders and a bucket and then knocked on a few doors touting for business. This certainly isn’t that, in fact it is a country mile away from that. For a start I don’t do heights, well I do if I’m up a mountain but I hate ladders. Fortunately, nor does the HSE. The rules surrounding working above heights are constantly changing and the old-school window cleaning businesses are beginning to suffer as a result. I can see both sides, but when you can easily fall and damage your family’s finances, it isn’t a difficult decision to search for a more modern and sustainable approach.

Thank you

With this, me and my family are now fully committed to a new life adventure, please wish us all luck and if you do know of anyone who needs their windows to sparkle, then we’d be happy to have a look.