About us

A family business

Welcome to PennineShine, a family-owned and operated professional window cleaning service based in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. Using zero parts per billion water purification technology “Funky Water”, our Eco-friendly cleaning service helps keep our environment healthy whilst ensuring your view is crystal clear.

Highest level of pure water quality

By using the highest quality water fed pole (WFP) system on the market, PennineShine doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to water purity. We’ve done this to ensure that your windows don’t lose their sparkle and so that the environment doesn’t get damaged in the process. Add this to the fact that the owner of the company is ex-Army, you can be assured that there is no higher standard of services available in this part of the Pennines.

The systems we use uniquely removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply. The result is not only water that is 1,000 times purer but also ultra pure water that is free from micro-organisms such as legionella bacteria and the organic matter that bacteria feeds upon.

Picture-perfect clear view finish


Over a number of years now, the owners of PennineShine has been doing their bit for the environment. So there was no surprise when the environment played a massive part in the set-up. The van that they use has the lowest NOx (nitrogen oxides emissions) rated engine of any commercial vehicle and the windows are cleaned with just pure water. Even when the dirt and grime are just too much for cold water, there is a hot water system on-board to give a helping hand. And for those REALLY stubborn jobs, a specially formulated Eco-friendly agitating foam is at hand. We only have one planet and PennineShine will go the extra mile to ensure that the impact the business has on it is at an absolute minimum.

The future is clear

For PennineShine, the future is crystal-clear. We will continue to provide you with the best, most efficient and Eco-friendly window cleaning services available. We live and work by a moral and ethical code that is recognised by all our customers and friends alike. And as we grow, so will the sparkle in these gorgeous Yorkshire hills.

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